Vows to Myself On The Occasion That All The Kids Are In School

Vows to myself on the occasion that for the first time since 2004, for just one morning a week, all 3 kids are in school at the same time:

1. I will not go buy a tennis skirt and hang out at Starbucks.
2. I will take a nap.
3. I could become one of those people who make menus for the week and grocery shop accordingly. But that would interfere with my nap.
4. Maybe I’ll figure out whatever happened to Regis and Oprah and learn who Hoda is.
5. My house will be more organized…until they all get home.
6. Ok, I might go to Starbucks..once in a while….but only for half-cafs and only if I really like the other moms and feel like they have some really important information that I must know now.
7. Still no on the tennis skirt. Maybe yoga pants. But no tennis skirt.
8. I’ll volunteer my time to school and community…enough time to be helpful, but not so much time that I become insane.
9. Lets be honest, I’ll probably pitter away most of my 2 hours and 45 minutes of freedom on social media.

Ooops, there we go…time to go pick up the kids.

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