T’was the Night Before The First Day of School

T’was the night before the first day of school and all through the house,
every man, woman and child was scurrying and hurrying about.
The backpacks were packed and hung by the door with great care,
filled with pencils, papers, gym shoes and art smocks to wear.
A new 1st grader and 5th grader were not just yet nestled snug in their beds,
instead excited chatter of teachers and thoughts of classmates filled their heads.

We brushed their hair and gave baths,
picked out smart clothes and a healthy school-approved snack.
My husband charged the camera battery while I hummed with delight, 
for the last two weeks I’ve been counting down to this very night!
Yes, this was the summer that those rascals pushed me to the brink,
as they argued and bickered about everything but the kitchen sink.
So you can imagine my surprise, when while packing lunches a strange sight did appear, 
trickling down my cheek was a very tiny and small, iddy biddy tear.
Have a great school year, my darling little maniacs.  I love you so much, and already miss you (…a little)!

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