Dear Canyon Ranch,
I applaud you for targeting me, a Chicago mom in mid-January.  Smart.  In fact, when your direct mail piece arrived just six hours into my vow to ‘be present’ with my children, I decided that it would be equally therapeutic to ‘be present’ at a spa in Arizona.

So I picked up the phone and made the call, and we politely talked packages, all while the kids were very present…climbing on my shoulders and hanging on my legs.

Now I have no plans to make this trip, so the most realistic option is for you to ‘be present’ right here on my kitchen counter behind the Playmobil instructions, princess stickers and snack wrappers.

But, thank you.  You proved to me that,
1).  I still have some work to do on this ‘being present’ stuff and,
2).  that while I was busy being present with the kids all afternoon, no one else was cleaning the kitchen.  So the next time I take a break from being present and temporarily tune-out the kids, it probably should be to wipe off the counters, and not to make a call to Arizona about a fictitious vacation.

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