Things you do with the third child (that you didn’t do before)

1.  put her to bed wearing the clothing she is going to wear tomorrow, so I have one less child to dress and get out the door in the AM.

2.  let her actually go to bed with the McDonald’s Happy Meal toy.  The first child never even ate at McDonalds and definitely wasn’t allowed to touch them (hello, plastic BPA, made in China!).  For the second child, they were permitted, but only as bathtub toys.  And for the third….well, you know the rest of the story.

3.  there’s no Diaper Genie or Champ in a Third Child’s bedroom…that thing was trashed years ago. Just a plastic shopping bag that hangs on her closet door to collect diapers (however, in a moment of pure irony I did switch that plastic bag to make sure it was a nice crisp white Target bag instead of that gross beige Jewel bag.   The thing is, if you’re using a plastic bag to dispose of your kid’s diapers, it really doesn’t matter which plastic bag you’re using…you’ve already lost in the nursery-chic category!)

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