The Gimmick Turned Tradition

so this conversation really happened tonight:

My husband, analyzing our elf-placement strategy offered, “I think you’re getting a bit too gimmicky by staging the elf. Just keep it simple, keep it on the shelf.”

I sarcastically replied, “Oh come on…its fun! What you don’t want to gimmick up a gimmick?…I’m pretty sure we lowered our gimmick threshold back in 2006 when we spent $29.95 and the elf magically appeared at our doorstep.”

His response, “really?! $29.95?! That’s how much this elf cost?”

Me: “plus shipping and handling.”

Him: “29.95?!?”

Me: “Shhhhh…its magic!,” (whispering now) “but yes, that’s the going rate now, can’t remember then and not sure how to adjust for inflation when you factor in the North Pole sparkle and all of that elf business.”

Him: “Hmm, but it was a new thing then..and really hard to find, remember? Everyone was sold out.  Your aunt found one in Atlanta for us. Now those elves are everywhere. So if the elf has been around for 6 years now, has it officially moved from gimmick to tradition?”

Me: “I suppose. I mean how long does it take to move yourself out of the Gimmick Category and into the Tradition Category? And in that case, $29.95 is a small price to pay for a treasured family tradition, right?”

Him: “It’s still a lot. We’re probably spending too much time on this topic…its an elf!”

Me: “Yep, way too much time. I’m tired. Lets put the used-to-be-gimmick-now-tradition-elf in the standard issue pose..”

Him: “….up on the shelf.”

Me: (wandering off) “….but tomorrow night I have a cute idea of what the elf could be doing…”

Him: “I’m telling you, its gimmicky…”

Well, would you look at that? We have ourselves a family tradition!

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