My daughter is playing “Mommy”. She goes to lots of meetings with her friends where they play Yahtzee. Yahtzee?!?! Come on, my “meetings” are a lot more complicated than the game of Yahtzee…then again, not at all.
What are those meetings, really? When I leave the house, I tell my kids that I’m going to a meeting.  Sometimes its a meeting for a parent organization, sometimes for church.  Sometimes it just a mom’s night out.  Sometimes for professional development.
At this stage of life, these meetings are mostly my way to connect with friends and hold on to some ounce of life pre-children. Those friends are all other moms…we are all somewhat defined by our children. So perhaps these meetings are our way to define our own selves..not just “Tommy’s mom”.
So am I pleased or concerned that my daughter chooses this as the activity of mine to imitate? Sure, its better than eating, or shopping, or even talking on the phone. I’m glad those meetings have captured her curiosity. Because what I want most for her as she gets older is to know herself, be true to herself and be happy doing whatever it is she chooses to do…and since these “meetings” help me to be the most happy version of me in my chosen life, then I’m glad she is admiring them.

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