Some friends are so embedded into your soul that they become a part of the very essence of who you are.  There is not a major life milestone or memory that exists without them being a part of the landscape of that day.  Even if they were not physically present, it seems as if they are always with you and a part of all that you do. And in reverse, when you are not a part of a certain occasion in her life, you feel as if you were right there through the stories or tales.

Your lives are intertwined because one feels the sorrow and joy of the other.  A journey that is sometimes simultaneous, and experiences that are sometimes asynchronous yet always known by the other.

Miles and years are irrelevant when you carry a friend with you, and whether you’re looking forward or looking back, she is always a part of your heart.

My dear friend is celebrating her birthday today.  She is not the public shout-out type, so I’m posting this in her honor and wishing her a full day of frosted sugar cookie wonderfulness.

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