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Being Right Beside Them For The Rites of Passage

It hadn’t dawned on me that my ten-year-old son is at the age to go to a haunted house until he was invited by a friend.  It just wasn’t on my radar.  With a 10, 6 and young 4 year old in the house, I’m still adjusting to the fact that our household doesn’t quiet down every afternoon for naps and that we no longer travel with diapers.

My habit is to parent to the youngest common denominator.  While the youngest of their ages is an age that was once foreign to me, it is now where my experience lies, three times over. It is my comfort zone.   Realizing this, I try to make a conscious effort to get myself unstuck from preschool mentality every now and then and process the needs and interests of my oldest child, a tween.