June 2012 archive

I Am The Third Child

I am the Third Child. Sometimes my parents call me “the sweet one”, other times “the rascal”.

They probably carry me on their hip more than they need to, or spend an extra second trying to soak in that sweet baby smell behind my neck. And they probably always will…because I am the baby…the denouement. They are tired and yawn a little more with me….but they are relaxed and smile a little more with me.

At 22 months, I’m hanging out somewhere between babyhood and childhood. They say I’m a toddler, but I don’t toddle…I just run…I’ve got older kids to keep up with.

I am the Third which means I spend most of my time in a car seat shuttling around to siblings’ school or sporting events. Unlike those before me, I don’t know a nap schedule or routine.

I probably won’t have a real birthday party until I’m 10. They forget to video my first steps or haircut. I have a feeling my mom will never get around to making me a scrapbook, and most of my clothes were someone else’s first.

But on the upside, I’m easy-going, traveled a lot, really friendly ….and I get to steal moments like these when I have my parents alone at 6 am while everyone else is asleep. And as the Third Child, I’m skipping the tri-cycle and going right to the big girl bike in life!


Ponderings of an 8-year-old boy on his third day of summer break:

7:00 am: “Today I’m going to work on my golf game by practicing my ‘relaxing skill’ (see photo below), because everyone always says if you want to have a good golf swing,you just need to RELAX!”

1:00 pm: “Hey!! What am I doing still wearing my swim suit!?!? I must have thought it was underwear all day because I forgot all about it!”

3:25 pm: “Now, is it the morning or the afternoon? Because it sure feels just like morning”

Ahh, summertime!!


Reflections on the Last Day of School

Everyone tells you, it goes by in a blink of an eye.
 you hear that, and know that, and try to abide by it.

But its busy and its not often that you stop and take stock and indulge in a moment of reflection.
Yet during those rare moments when you pause and look around, you realize that standing before you is a big kid.  And you wonder, when did my little kid become a big kid? A big kid!!

And its not just your kid…its neighbor kids, babysitters, family friends near and far.
Celebrations of graduations…photos with captions like “off to high school, college, 5th grade…”

It continues. With more experience than me and a generation to boot, my friend’s parents acknowledge the same thing but with bigger milestones like weddings and grandchildren.

So at this time of year, you vow to yourself…I’ll pause more, I’ll absorb more, I’ll be in the moment more (…after you figure out what that means exactly). And you’ll try, you really will, but it will get busy again.

So all you can do is be busy. Busy and grateful! And when you can (and you can’t everyday), try to see through the rest of the clutter and into that little life moment, that nugget of a special memory-in-the-making. Because those moments really are presented to you on a daily basis…if you notice them.